Dental experts urge caution over composite bonds after Molly-Mae reverses her procedure 6 months ago

Dental experts urge caution over composite bonds after Molly-Mae reverses her procedure

A number of dentists have stressed the importance of research before undergoing cosmetic procedures.

Last week, Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague showed fans her natural teeth after having her composite bonds removed.


Molly-Mae has reversed a number of her cosmetic procedures on the journey towards a more natural look. As well as her teeth, the influencer chose to remove her lip and jaw filler.

The TV personality shared her natural teeth on social media last week.

"On this journey to becoming more natural I decided it was time for one more change," she said. "Goodbye composite bonds, hello natural teethies."

Since then, however, a number of dental experts have outlined the drawbacks of Molly-Mae's initial procedure.

With composite bonds, a dentist adds a resin to improve the teeth's appearance. The procedure is normally used to fill in teeth gaps and fix minor damage.

While composite bonding is a simple way to improve the appearance of teeth, the procedure has a number of disadvantages as well.


To that end, experts from the Dental Art Implant Clinic have urged consumers to thoroughly research all dental options before booking:

"Composite bonding is used to fill in minor damage and gaps in your teeth, but as they’re not as durable as your natural enamel, they’re prone to breaking down and leaving your teeth feeling rough and uneven."

They added: "They are also more likely to stain as the material is more porous than your enamel, leaving your bright, white smile discoloured."

They added that while composite bonding is a simple and inexpensive way to fix a smile, it does come with a number of drawbacks.


"This procedure will never solve any health issues," they added.

The clinic urged consumers in search of a better smile to thoroughly research all options before making a final decision.

Similarly, an Irish dentist advised patients looking to improve their smile to opt for "reversible" procedures rather than permanent ones.

Dr Ed O'Flaherty spoke to The Irish Sun about how a "natural look is generally best".


Last year, a number of dentists warned social media users against a procedure that grew popular with influencers. This worrying surgery involves shaving the teeth down to pegs in order to fit crowns.

Dr S Manouchehri warned that this procedure could lead to permanent damage. She explained that those who undergo it may require dentures before they turn 40.