EastEnders' Kellie Bright expecting third "miracle" child 1 year ago

EastEnders' Kellie Bright expecting third "miracle" child

The actress also spoke candidly about her experience with IVF.

Soap star Kellie Bright has revealed that she is pregnant with her third child after undergoing IVF.


The EastEnders' actress is excited to welcome baby number three to her growing family.

Bright has two children with her husband Paul Stocker - nine year-old Freddy and four-year old Gene.

Her third child is due later this year.

The actress was advised to go down the IVF route if she wanted to have another child. Accordingly, Bright became pregnant following a frozen embryo transplant. She has since described the pregnancy as her "miracle" baby.


Bright has previously spoken about her experience with pregnancy, and her desire to have a baby in her forties.

"I want to be open and honest about this, because I think it’s important for younger women to understand," the star told OK! Magazine. "It’s important for women to know that, yes, you can have children in your forties and, yes, you can be lucky and do it naturally."

She continued: ‘"But for a lot of us it doesn’t work that way, so I wouldn’t suggest leaving it late by choice. It’s been a rollercoaster."


This isn't the actress' first experience with IVF - her second son, Gene, was conceived through the treatment.

After Gene's birth, Bright chose to freeze three embryos. While the first two implants were unsuccessful, the actress eventually became pregnant with the third embryo.

The actress recently explained that she decided to try for another baby during lockdown.


"Having that precious time at home with our boys, doing simple things, we knew we had to try to make it happen," she said. "We waited for the clinics to reopen and started a frozen embryo transfer, which is less invasive than the initial IVF and only involved implanting the embryos."

Kellie also spoke about the joyful moment she found out she was pregnant.

"I knew it was my last chance, so the fact it was a positive was so unbelievably wonderful," she said. "A truly wonderful, crazy life moment."