Ed Sheeran responds to criticism of his fashion choices and ah, god 3 years ago

Ed Sheeran responds to criticism of his fashion choices and ah, god

Ah, lads.

The other day, Ed Sheeran got slagged off for wearing a long sleeved top under a T-shirt and a pair of questionable jeans.


It wasn't the nicest outfit in the entire world but sure look, it's Ed Sheeran, we don't expect stunning fashion choices from him really, do we?

Except, according to a few people, maybe we should because the standards we hold for female musicians are exceptionally higher than the standards we hold for male musicians.

Because of course they are. Why wouldn't women get the short straw on this?

The whole debacle kicked off a few days ago when Twitter user Shon Faye tweeted a picture of Ed and Beyonce performing a song together.


Ed was dressed in the above aforementioned outfit and Beyonce was in a giant over the top pink dress.

Here's what they looked like.

Yeah, slightly jarring in fairness.

While many people agreed with Shon that (male) singers like Ed simply weren't expected to look a certain way when performing, others suggested that two artists dressing whatever way they liked on stage just wasn't an issue worth concerning ourselves with.


Either way though, Ed became aware of the whole scenario and decided to issue a statement of sorts - inĀ  the form of a swipe up Instagram Story on how to 'get the look.'

Yeah, really.


He also included the hashtag 'dress to impress.'

Fair enough, Ed.

You keep rocking them long sleeves under short sleeves, mate. Go for it.