Ed Sheeran reveals how Taylor Swift helped set him up with fiancée 4 years ago

Ed Sheeran reveals how Taylor Swift helped set him up with fiancée

Ed Sheeran has credited his friend Taylor Swift for her hand in his relationship with his fiancée, Cherry Seaborn.

The newly-engaged singer joined his pal in a behind-the-scenes clip to talk about her latest song, End Game. 


Throughout the video, the duo discussed the lyrics to the song - in particular, Ed's verse.

The A Team singer said that one of his lines, "After the storm, something was born on the fourth of July", was actually a reference to meeting his now-fiancée in Rhode Island a few years ago.

"My relationship started on the Fourth of July," he explained, to whichTaylor interjected: "At whose house?"


After acknowledging that it was at Taylor's house the sparks started to fly, Ed revealed that it was at one of her famous Fourth of July parties that he and Cherry reconnected.

He continued:

"So the story was, I was at Taylor’s party, and then a girl I went to school with who’s pretty cool ended up being in Rhode Island.

"I was like, 'Taylor, can she turn up?' And here we are."


The 26-year-old singer confirmed last month that he has proposed, with a sweet Instagram polaroid of the pair.

But during the behind the scenes chat with Taylor, the pair reminisced about the earlier points in Cherry and Ed's relationship.

Namely, their first anniversary.


When the time came around for the loved-up pair to celebrate, Taylor decided to give them the ultimate pun.

She asked him:

"Remember the sign I made you for your first anniversary?"

And when Ed didn't quite get it (saying 'Happy Anniversa-Cherry'), Taylor continued:

"‘Happy Ed-iver-Cherry!

"I’m still excited about it. It took me so long to think of both of your names."