Everyone is calling out Kendall Jenner on her latest photoshop fail 2 years ago

Everyone is calling out Kendall Jenner on her latest photoshop fail

In the words of DJ Khaled... another one.

The Kardashian/Jenner clan aren't opposed to the odd photoshop fail... in fact, they've had many, and the latest to be called out for one is Kendall Jenner.


The model shared a picture of her nearly-naked body sitting down in a bathroom, drinking a glass of red wine, with Calvin Klein knickers on and a towel wrapped around her head.


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She looks unreal, yes, and tbh, we'd never look that good with a towel on our heads... however people have spotted a photoshop around her waist area.

Followers of hers have taken to the comments section to call out the 'curved wall' in the background, writing, "Gal ya walls look curved," and "your walls are bending or you have a very basic photoshop level?"

An Instagram account called Celeb Face further called her out, with a picture of arrows pointing to the photoshop.


This comes after another fail at the Met Gala, where she was spotted moving an assistant out of the way so she could get her photo taken.

The 22-year-old star literally pushes a red carpet attendant out of her way without saying a word, no "excuse me" or "sorry I am trying to take a pic here", nope, just a simple nudge and an angered stare as she continues trying to capture the perfect shot for the 'gram.

Oh, Kendall...