GIRLS Star Delivers Divine Comedy With SNL Skit 8 years ago

GIRLS Star Delivers Divine Comedy With SNL Skit

GIRLS star Lena Dunham has again unleashed her witty creativity, and this time she had her sights set on the Bible.

The comedienne added her own touch of self-doubt and angsty humour to the original relationship dealbreakers faced by Adam and Eve in a hilarious skit on last Saturday's SNL. Some of the epic one-liners from her SNL video Biblical Movie included:


A response from Eve when Adam tells her, ‘God made you from my rib, kid”

“Oh my God, that is so sexist. I can’t believe you’d bring that up right now - like take a gender women’s studies class”

… and Eve’s response to God’s spite for taking a bite on that forbidden fruit:

“Can you please not a**hole shame me right now? I know I committed original sin but at least it was original”


Somehow we think there’d be a revival of churchgoers if Sunday service was always this entertaining…