Holly Willoughby blasted by fans for wearing a suit that 'looks like pyjamas' 1 year ago

Holly Willoughby blasted by fans for wearing a suit that 'looks like pyjamas'


Look lads, we know - there are far worse things in the world you can be slammed for.

Imagine Holly had made some controversial comments about Vote Stay during the Brexit referendum. Or announced herself a massive fan of Nigel Farage.

Or, god forbid, revealed that she wasn't going to boycott the Eurovision this year.

All things worth being slammed for. All deserved.

Thankfully though, Holly hasn't done any of those things. Rather, she has simply worn a suit that people aren't all that fond of and say looks like pyjamas.

Worse things have definitely happened in the world, lads.

The suit, above, is a Rixo London jacket and pants combo featuring flowers running vertically down the co-ord. 

Holly teamed the silk number with some white ankle boots and stood outside what appears to be a warehouse to snap her iconic pic.

Unfortunately though, her fans weren't all that impressed with her ensemble.

They, of course, decided to tell her all about it.

"Awful Holly," wrote one user.

“Pjs come to mind sorry Holly," said someone else, while another person said that her outfit looked like a "pair of curtains" from the 1970s. 

"Can’t get my head round these very fashionable trousers. Might be better with black boots?" kindly suggested another, safe in the knowledge that Holly will absolutely take this strangers' advice on board.

Holly wore the suit for last night's Celebrity Juice. 

Her outfit choices for the programme are often criticised by people who don't like clothing that isn't a plain button down shirt and a pencil skirt.