'I've Got All This Time' - Amy Winehouse Reveals Her Wish For A Family In Unpublished Interview 9 years ago

'I've Got All This Time' - Amy Winehouse Reveals Her Wish For A Family In Unpublished Interview

Singer Amy Winehouse revealed her wish for a "cute" family life and her plans to have a baby before her 30th birthday in a previously unpublished interview that surfaced online this week.

The interview was carried out by journalist John Marrs following the release of debut album Frank and was never printed, as his editor felt Amy was "never going to be popular enough with the magazine's readers".


However, the comprehensive chat gives a bittersweet insight into the singer's life prior to her descent into drugs and subsequent death from alcohol poisoning in July 2011. In the candid interview, she revealed that she had just begun dating Blake Fielder-Civil and discussed her desire to be a good mother in the future.

"I think I’d be a good mum, well, I hope so. I hope I wont be a shit mum. When I have kids I want to have loads of them, at least five. I’ll always work from home and have a studio in my house. I imagine I’m recording downstairs in my basement and the kids come down looking for their mummy then they’ll pretend to sing into the microphone and it’ll be cute," she said.

"Ten years from now I’ll be 30, so I’ll maybe have one baby. I’ll have out my second album and a couple of concept EPs, and my real honest music will be saved up for the big albums."

When asked how she would like to be remembered, the star said that she wished to leave a strong musical legacy behind her.


"I’d like to be remembered as someone who wasn’t satisfied with just one level of musicianship … as someone who was a pioneer. I’ve got all this time to make that happen, that’s what’s so exciting. I’ve got years to do music."

You can read the full interview here.