Jacqueline Jossa blasts woman who says she looks like a 'frumpy dumplin' 2 years ago

Jacqueline Jossa blasts woman who says she looks like a 'frumpy dumplin'

What else could you do other than blast, in fairness?

Instagram is a dodgy enough place when it comes to comment sections.


A lack of control around what other people are saying means that everyone and their ma can have their say, often leading to lists of remarks that are nothing more than cesspits of unnecessary crap - or just people saying means things.

Either or.

In this case, it ended up being a combination of the two beneath a photo that Jacqueline Jossa shared of herself.

The image showed the actor posing with her legs crossed wearing some tights and a short black dress.

A pretty non offensive image, in fairness.


However, some people got excessively worked up about the photo. One person in particular, called Jen, took it upon herself to tell Jacqueline that the image looked photoshopped.

She also added that she was a "frumpy dumplin" with a "flat head."


"Omg how photoshopped is that!! Pls looks nothing like her what so ever!!" said the IG user who doesn't have a profile picture.

"Bet you wish she did look like this tho instead of a frumpy dumplin with slap head," she continued on, tagging Dan Osborne, Jacqueline's husband.


Right so.

The 26-year-old was having none of the flat head comment though, so she decided to reshare the comment with a blast of her own.

"Starting the new year off positively I see Jen," she wrote.


"PS. I do look like this, even when I hoover the dog hairs off the floor and baby sick all over me."

She then shared a video of herself with baby sick all over herself.