Kendall Jenner forced to delete picture from Snapchat after receiving backlash 3 years ago

Kendall Jenner forced to delete picture from Snapchat after receiving backlash

Of all the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kendall is usually the funniest and most entertaining on Snapchat.

She's less about posing and more about giving her fans an insight into her life and never seems to receive any backlash for her Snaps... until now.

She has been forced to delete one of her pictures after her followers started jumping to all sorts of conclusions.

She posted a picture of a small little ziploc bag with the text, ‘This is the cutest little ziploc bag I have ever seen'.

People began to freak out because they think it looks like a bag that would hold illegal substances.

After people began to comment about what it looked like, she deleted the picture.

In fairness, that tiny ziploc bag probably came from a dress or top which had a spare button but it hasn't stopped people from making accusations.

It's not the first time one of the Kardashian/Jenners has been linked in an odd way to ziploc bags. Last year Khloe went on an almighty rant on Instagram saying:

"Note to the ones who ALWAYS have something to say.... I save the Ziploc bags. And no I don't have a pillbox because for all the pills I take, the pillbox is large and bulky. This is a space saver for ME and if you save the bags who cares what container I put MY vitamins in.

Damn y'all are the most negative people at times. Shout out to my loves who are here to spread love! It's just a picture you guys. Maybe I have a chill pill in one of these ziplocs for you negative Nancy's. Not sure if you knew this but the days of the week are the same every single week so you're able to reuse the Ziploc bags. Mind blown!!!!!"