Kim Kardashian accused of photoshopping North's weight but like, she didn't 2 years ago

Kim Kardashian accused of photoshopping North's weight but like, she didn't


Kim Kardashian has been accused of a lot of things.


One is poisoning the minds of the youth. Another is not doing enough to criticise the Trump administration.

And another is photoshopping photos of her kids.

It's that most recent accusation that has grasped at the hearts and minds of the social media public, sending them into an intense fiery rage usually only reserved for sexist commentary or people who say "your" instead of "you're."

In this case, the anger has stemmed from the below family photo shared by Kim on her Instagram page this week.

Cute, yeah?


Except, some people noticed something slightly off about the photo when it was compared with a seemingly original image - that the photo was apparently edited and North's body appeared slimmer in the photo Kim posted.

Why would a mother slim down a photo of her child, you may ask?

Why would she, a person who loves her kids, see that as an appropriate thing to do?

How could this have happened?

Essentially, it probably didn't, so we can all calm down about it.


A spokesperson for Kim told Mail Online that Kim obviously, obviously, didn't photoshop her own photo to make North look slimmer.

Rather, Kim simply found the photo on a fan site and took it to share on her own page without realising that it had been altered by somebody else.


The spokesperson said:

“Kim sometimes reposts images from her fan sites. This was one of those times. The paparazzi photo was altered via the fan site.

“She would never photoshop North to alter her weight.”

Makes sense, yeah.