Kim Kardashian has addressed those Drake affair rumours 2 years ago

Kim Kardashian has addressed those Drake affair rumours

Kiki, do you love me?

In My Feelings has been stuck in our heads for the whole summer. We danced to it, we sang to it, and now we're reading fan theories surrounding it. The other day, a random rumour cropped up on social media claiming that Drake's Kiki is Kim Kardashian... and well, it's a wild one.


You can read Tyler Morrison's viral thread there:

Basically, Kim Kardashian's nickname has been Kiki since she was a child and Tyler referenced all the times her sister's called her Kiki or Keeks on social media.

It was all very wild and bizarre and far-fetched, really... but of course the Internet went wild for it.

However, now Kim has addressed the rumours, stating very clearly that the whole celeb fan theory isn't real.

Commenting on The Shade Room on Instagram, Kim simply wrote: "Never happened. End of story."


Yep, that got shut down fast. We guess Kiki doesn't love you, Drake.