Kim Kardashian shares throwback pic of her and Kanye before they were married 2 years ago

Kim Kardashian shares throwback pic of her and Kanye before they were married

V cute.

Kim and Kanye have been married for a good while.


Almost five years now, to be exact.

Since that time, they'd had a lot of kids together, they're starred in some controversial music videos together, and they've broken the internet together.

Fair play to them.

However, let it be known that there was once a time where Kim and Kanye weren't married. Where the Kardashian-West clan had not yet been formed.

A simpler time, some might say. A more innocent time.

Kim has since shared an image of this time on her Instagram page, reminding us all of an era where she wore jeans, and Kanye was still mad into shades indoors.


What a throwback.

Kim captioned the photo: "Always had (eyes emoji) for him," which is fair enough considering she's gazing at Kanye with pure adoration.



The photo was taken around 2011 before the pair were even dating (allegedly), when Kanye was helping the Kardashians with the opening off one of their LA boutiques.

In 2014, the pair married and currently have three children together, Saint, Chicago, and North, with another on the way.

This comes after there was uproar over Kim's bathrooms sinks which didn't appear to have a basin attached to them.


The sinks did indeed have a small hole where water could drain. Thank god.

Kim, who is studying for her law degree, cleared up the situation the other day by providing a demonstration of the sink to fans.

Someone had to do it.