We all knew it would happen... here are the brand NEW Love Island couples 1 year ago

We all knew it would happen... here are the brand NEW Love Island couples


Our host, Denise Curtin, will be chatting all about the recoupling tomorrow morning and it's going to be a good one.

If you want to catch up on other episodes, listen below: 

Well, what an EPISODE.

It's safe to say we all knew shit was going to go down tonight. We all look forward to Casa Amor on Love Island but the days that follow are quite harrowing.

We see break downs, we see betrayals, we see confusion and we see a whole lotta kissing.

Obviously, over the past few days we've all been confused by Curtis and his head turning, but we were most shocked at Michael as he completely tore Amber apart while chatting to a girl he only knew two days.

Tonight was the night that everyone had to recouple, and even though it was dramatic AF, it's safe to say that we could all see it coming.

So, if you missed the episode but want to know who coupled up with who, here is the complete list below:

  • Danny couples up with Jourdan
  • Anton couples up with Belle
  • Curtis recouples with Amy
  • Tommy recouples with Molly-Mae
  • Lucie couples up with George
  • Maura couples up with Marvin
  • Anna couples up with Ovie
  • Michael couples up with Joanna
  • Jordan decides to stick with Anna. As Anna recoupled with Ovie, Jordan is now single.
  • Amber decides to stick with Michael. As Michael recoupled with Joanna, Amber is now single.

This means that Maria, Nabila, Lavena, Stevie, Dan and Dennon are dumped from the island.