Laura Simpson says 'nothing happened' on night with Wayne 8 months ago

Laura Simpson says 'nothing happened' on night with Wayne

The woman who was in the car with Wayne Rooney when he was stopped on suspicion of drink driving has said she did "nothing wrong" - as she admitted she wouldn't be able to forgive him if she was in Coleen's shoes.

Laura Simpson, who had previously quoted as saying the pair had shared a "kiss and a cuddle", also denied the reports she had her eye on the footballer on the night.

The 29 year old appeared on ITV's This Morning to give her side of the story, where she sensationally claimed the incident was entirely innocent and the quotes didn't come from her.

Holly Willoughby pointed out the quotes where Laura allegedly said that Wayne had been admiring her "clingy top" and that the pair had shared a kiss.

But Laura denied the quotes - insisting nothing happened.

She added:

"I never said that.

"For one I had a tshirt baggy on, I’ve not kissed or cuddled him, and if it had happened there would have been a lot of coverage."

But when the chat show hosts pressed on what exactly happened that night, the mum said the pair had ended up talking - but that she never sought him out on the night.


She added that the night was a "whirlwind" when she was asked about how they came to be in her car, insisting again she did nothing wrong.

She continued:

"We just got a cab, it was a whirlwind, we just ended up at my car from getting out of the cab.

"I was two or three drinks down at that point. I’ve done nothing wrong."


The office worker also confirmed that she has spoken to Coleen since the incident in an attempt to clear her name.

She continued:

"Basically I asked her to give me a call. I’ve said everything I told you.

"I said nothing happened and that I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong apart from getting into the car.

"I wish it hadn’t happened but it was just impulse."


But while the 29 year old said she didn't feel "regret" over what had happened, she did feel bad about the damage it is causing.

She said:

"Regret is a bit of a strong word for a situation where I don't really think I did anything wrong.

"I do regret the damage it's causing obviously, but from a level from me, I don't think I deserve everything that I'm getting."

She went on to say that she didn't really "feel" anything towards the Everton footballer after that night - and that she wouldn't be able to forgive him if she was in Coleen's place.

She said:

"I don't know him to feel anything about him really.

"I don't think he deserves... it's my opinion, I wouldn't do that to my partner."

Images via ITV/This Morning. 



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