Love Island: Zachariah causes a stir and who pulls Molly for a chat? 3 months ago

Love Island: Zachariah causes a stir and who pulls Molly for a chat?

It's getting good already!

The Summer series of Love Island is always the best and this season is kicking off perfectly.


New bombshell Zachariah rocked the villa last night when he arrived, but tonight is when we'll really see what he's about.

He's definitely going to ruffle a few of the lads' feathers when he pulls the girls for a chat there's no doubt but who will he couple up with?

Jess admits to the girls: "He’s really handsome, and I feel like he’s playing it cool - I like that."

Later in the beach hut, Catherine confesses: "I am enjoying getting to know André, but I feel like when Zach came in and he spoke I was like ok…he may be a bit of me."


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In other news, Mitchel better watch his back because George has his eyes set on Molly.

He pulls her for a chat tonight, so that'll be interesting.


Having told the girls last night that she has a "strong connection" with Mitchel, Molly goes on to tell George which other boys she’s keen to get to know a bit better.

George admits to Molly: "I do find you attractive, do you know what I mean? So I’d be interested to keep chatting to you."

With George’s feelings made clear, what’s next for Molly?

And it wouldn't be the same without a good challenge now would it?


Tonight we'll see the islanders take on a boys versus girls challenge that's expected to get the blood boiling a little bit.

Molly gets a text while chilling on the day beds that says: "Islanders, It’s time to find out each other’s secret stories in today’s challenge. #DontJudgeABookByItsCover #TellingTales."

Each Islander appears through the window of the magical castle, before bursting through the drawbridge door, and sliding down the slippery woodland path.

Whilst sliding, they must grab a key to unlock the book containing a secret story on one of the Islanders. After reciting a 'wary tale', they will then kiss the Islander they think it belongs to, before all is revealed on the magical mirror.  

Which girl once snogged five guys in one night?


Who got it on in a portable outdoor toilet? And which Islander once tried to charm a mother and daughter at a party?

With revelations aplenty, and 11 saucy snogs - will things end happily ever after for the couples?

Credit: Lifted Entertainment

Credit: Lifted Entertainment

 Towards the end of tonight's show, Zachariah must chose the girl he wants to couple up with.

His text reads: "Zachariah, it’s now time for you to make your decision on which girl you’d like to couple up with. Can all Islanders gather round the firepit. #Powermove #Gameon".

Can not wait!

Credit: Lifted Entertainment

Love Island airs tonight at 9 pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.


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