Here's why Kourtney Kardashian fans are convinced she's finally pregnant 3 months ago

Here's why Kourtney Kardashian fans are convinced she's finally pregnant

"Good for her and Travis if they are"

Kourtney Kardashian fans are convinced the reality TV star is finally pregnant with husband Travis Barker because of a number of subtle hints.


Recently, a behind-the-scenes snap was taken of Kourtney while she was at a Blink 182 concert in New York.

The shot showed Kourtney rocking a beautiful bob hair style and wearing a black t-shirt under white overalls.

The photo was taken as she walked off the stage following Travis' concert and to be fair, it looks like Kourt is cradling a baby bump.

Obviously, a TikTok was made and it's doing its rounds on the platform which is adding more fuel to the fire.


Now fans are convinced Kourtney is pregnant but take a look and see what you think.

@eliza71000 Kourtney kardashian definitely pregnant ?#kourtneykardashian #thekardashians #travissbarker #pregnant ♬ Can We Kiss Forever - Bepo

Can you see where fans are coming from?


Unsurprisingly, the comments are swarmed with fans speculating that there's a Kardashian baby on the way.

Many are claiming that Kourtney is "obviously holding her bump".

One comment read: "Kourtney definitely is. She has been covering her stomach lately and wearing big clothes."

Another said: "I kinda felt like she looked pregnant too! Good for her and Travis if they are."


People are really getting invested in the pregnancy theory.

One fan noted: "I think she is. She is always posting old pics and throwbacks."

While this is very exciting news and we hope it's true for the couple who have been trying to get pregnant for months, Kourtney did open up about her IVF struggles lately.

One last week's episode of The Kardashians, which airs weekly on Disney+, Kourtney revealed that her and Travis have stopped IVF treatment.

She spoke about how the egg freezing process didn't work for her and she shed a light on the realities of fertility treatment.


The star said she hopes to get pregnant naturally and "believes what God has in store".


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