Luca and Gemma finally get their first date as Adam whisks three girls away 2 months ago

Luca and Gemma finally get their first date as Adam whisks three girls away


Pretty much coupled up since the very beginning, Luca and Gemma are yet to have their first date outside the villa, that is until tonight's Love Island.


Finding out they're going on their first date, Luca immediately is ecstatic about the time away with Gemma, and jokingly says: "I feel like I’m going to propose!”

Heading off on their date, the two discuss what it is they like about each other, with Gemma says: "I love listening to your conversations with the lads because I’m sat there literally wetting myself, but when it comes to us two you are like soft. You’re quite soft. It’s nice. Just something a bit about you.”

Luca smiles and says: “A little bit…”

Gemma replies: “Yeah, a little bit about you.”


Luca says: “I haven’t met someone like you before. I think it’s rare to meet someone like you.”

But these two aren't the only two heading off on a date as it seems most of the girls are getting their chance at a night of romance.

After Adam as arrived back in the villa, he's the latest bombshell needing to impress the girls and get to pick three who he wants to take out on a date.


Getting a text, he is to bring three girls of his choice to the Hideaway terrace for dates and picks Summer, Danica and Paige.

Summer tells Adam that her ideal date is in Rome while Danica teaches Adam to dance, but it's Paige who asks if he has kept the best until last.

Paige jokes: “As if you picked me last!”

Adam says: “Do you think the best first or best last..?”


Paige says: “I’ll ask you that question.”

Wanting to know more about how Adam is in a relationship, Paige says: “The little things matter most to me.”

Upon returning to the villa, Adam speaks to the boys where he describes one of the girls as "wifey" material, but we're yet to find out who it is.

As the girls enjoy their time out on dates, Davide is having some doubts about Ekin-Su and is questioning if he can trust her.


Speaking to Coco and Dami, he says: “I see how she acts when a guy above the average enters the Villa every time. Sometimes the way she acts to the boys I don’t like.”

Coco asks: “Do you think you’ll ever trust her?", to which Davide replies: “Because of the past I don’t know if I’ll ever fully trust her.”

Dami says: “You need to build on that trust.”

Coco adds: “If the trust isn’t there it’s never going to work.”

Davide then chats to Adam to see what Ekin-Su said while he wasn't there, but how will she react?