Nicola Coughlan is taking on writing duties for her new show 5 months ago

Nicola Coughlan is taking on writing duties for her new show

According to Coughlan, the project "started as a joke" 12 years ago.

Nicola Coughlan, the star of Bridgerton and Derry Girls, will be showing off her writing skills for an upcoming project.


Over the weekend, the Galway actress shared that she will be one of the co-writers on Whistle Through the Shamrocks.

Coughlan shared a snap of the first episode's script, which had her name listed alongside playwright and co-author Camilla Whitehill.

In the caption, she described the project as her "ridiculous baby", and said that it started life as a joke 12 years ago.

The Bridgerton star then told fans to follow the show's official Instagram page to keep up with the project.

Coughlan didn't share much about the premise of the show, but she did reveal that it's "coming soon", and that they recorded the first episode over the weekend.

Voice actress Amalia Vitale shared a picture of her recording equipment and tagged the writers, leading fans to believe that the series will be a podcast.



Undeniably, the past year has been a busy one for Nicola Coughlan. Last week, the actress received an IFTA nomination for her performance as Penelope Featherington on Bridgerton.

The actress responded to the nomination on Morning Ireland last week.

"It's amazing," she said. "I mean, the thing is, it means so much to be recognised by the people from home. That's so, so important, and so, so lovely."


Nicola was nominated alongside Fiona Shaw, Sarah Greene, Seána Kerslake and Gemma Leah-Devereux.

The actress said she admires the actresses in her category "so much", and said it was a "massive honour".

Coughlan also delighted many Bridgerton fans by sharing the news that she is back on set and filming season two of the hugely popular Netflix series.

"We're deep into it, but it's so exciting to be back at work. It's been brilliant."