Orlando Bloom reveals his 'dream role' and it's the last thing we expected 2 years ago

Orlando Bloom reveals his 'dream role' and it's the last thing we expected

Please let this happen.

Orlando Bloom has played a number of iconic and beloved characters over the years.

From Pirates of the Caribbean's Will Turner to Legolas in The Lord of the Rings, he's shown off his acting chops in a number of varied roles.

But it turns out there's one particular role the actor is keen to try his hand at - and it involves a crown.

The 40-year-old recently sparked a social media frenzy when he re-shared a meme onto his Instagram account, showing his face pasted onto a drawing of Disney's Cinderella.

The original caption on the meme reads:

"My favorite Disney princess is Legolas."

Which, to be fair, Legolas was pretty glamourous.

But it looks like the photo inspired the actor to take on another role in the House of Mouse.

He re-shared the photo, adding:

"Kinda brilliant...Looking for that Disney princess role next @disney ?????."

And based off the comments under the photo, we're not the only ones who are hoping Orlando gets to achieve his animated dream one day.

One person reassured him:

"Think you would be an absolutely stunnig princess, you['d] kill that role."

But a different social media user reckoned he should try out as a different princess:

"I feel like snow white is more your style ?"

Someone else suggested:

"Geoffrey Rush can play the fairy godmother."

Another person said:

"Played with a Legolas action figure instead of barbies when I was a kid.

"Ahhh... good times."

And someone else asked:

"LOL you sure you can squeeze into that dress? Elizabeth Swan couldn't."