People are reenacting Curtis and AJ's Hollyoaks scenes and sorry, too much 1 year ago

People are reenacting Curtis and AJ's Hollyoaks scenes and sorry, too much

Social media has been awash with Curtis and AJ memes.

Brothers Curtis and AJ Pritchard recently made their acting debut on Hollyoaks and it's been the gift that keeps on giving.


The reality stars play twins Marco and Jacob, who are hell-bent on sabotaging Trish (Denise Welch) and her dance school.

Clips of the Pritchard brothers in action soon went viral on Twitter and TikTok following their debut, and it's safe to say they won't be winning BAFTAs any time soon.

The brothers' time on the soap will sadly be short-lived. Hollyoaks have confirmed that they won't be returning to the show following their short cameo appearances.

In any case, their performances made quite the impression. Over the last week, Twitter has been awash with memes playing homage to Marco and Jacob, as well as their scandalous plan to steal Trish's address book.


Even non-Hollyoaks viewers couldn't help feel a little bit worried about what these two have in store for Trish.


Meanwhile, on TikTok, many fans are paying tribute to the iconic "How's Trish?" scene through their own re-enactments.


The key to the reenactment is to seamlessly capture AJ's use of the playground apparatus.


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Over the past week, AJ and Curtis have addressed some of the backlash their acting has attracted.

Curtis told OK! Magazine that he wasn't aware of the criticism.

"We always get that," he said. "We always get different things, and for me it's always about positivity."

AJ added: "I've learned to go for the positives and not the negatives.

"If someone's got constructive criticism, 100% that's great. But if it's just negativity then it's not something I'm going to waste my time on."