Prince Harry and Meghan Markle volunteer to deliver meals to vulnerable in LA 1 year ago

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle volunteer to deliver meals to vulnerable in LA

Fair play to them.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have signed up to volunteer to deliver meals to LA's vulnerable amid the coronavirus pandemic.


The couple registered with local charity Project Angel Food to deliver meals in West Hollywood this week to 20 patients living with critical illnesses.

Entertainment Tonight reports that Meghan had been familiar with the project as she had grown up in the area. Her mother, Doria, is also a frontline worker and has been long aware of the extra support the charity needs during the pandemic.

Richard Ayoub, Project Angel Food's executive director, told the publication that Harry and Meghan first volunteered on Easter Sunday and again on Wednesday of this week.


"They told us they heard our drivers were overloaded and wanted to volunteer to lighten the drivers' workload," he said.

"I am blown away that they chose us. They care about our vulnerable population.

"Our clients are most at risk to contract the coronavirus, having compromised immune systems including heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and most are over the age of 60."


Harry and Meghan carried out the work adhering to social distancing restrictions while wearing masks and gloves.

Project Angel Food currently serve 1,600 meals per day to vulnerable clients across LA. They hope this number will rise to 2,000 over the coming days.

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This comes after Harry and Meghan issued a letter to the UK tabloid press stating that they would not be working with them again. 

The couple issued letters to the editors of The Sun, The Mirror, The Mail and The Express last weekend saying that they had made the decision due to "false" and "distorted" coverage.


In the letter, which has been obtained by BBC News, a representative for the couple said that Harry and Meghan "have watched people they know - as well as complete strangers - have their lives completely pulled apart for no good reason, other than the fact that salacious gossip boosts advertising revenue."

You can read the letter in full here.