Sinead O'Connor Seeking Manager After Having An Affair With Her Last One 8 years ago

Sinead O'Connor Seeking Manager After Having An Affair With Her Last One

Irish singer Sinead O'Connor is seeking a new manager, after embarking on an affair with her previous one. 

Sharing a letter via her website, Sinead told fans about falling for her now ex-manager and her ongoing search for a new one.


The Nothing Compares 2 U singer explained how the pair had had a month long affair, but the man has a girlfriend.

Sinead O'Connor

In a post entitled "Urgently Seeking New Management" Sinead wrote:

"Shit day from hell.


'Have had to leave my manager.

‘Not that we didn’t get on well, we got on too well, both fell equally in love.

‘Had a month long affair, but he has a girlfriend,  so naturally I gotta vanish.

‘Extraordinarily sad and depressing, but there it is.


Another manager bites the dust.

So now I need to find a new manager and I haven’t a fucking clue where to start.

‘Shoulda fucking thought about that before I got involved with someone else’s fella.

‘Been secretly fucking miserable as a motherfucker since the second it started.


‘Wasn’t at all proud of myself. Or him.

‘Never, ever messing with someone else’s fella again.

Its the most disgusting thing a woman could possibly do to another woman.

And it smacks of zero self-esteem.

So, back to the therapist for Sinead.


For which unfairly, I may not invoice my parents.

If anyone knows anyone who might be interested in managing me could they please e mail me at

I do not have a career in America,  my career is European based, so it needs to be someone who is familiar with the European market.

While waiting for the right permanent manager I could do with a ‘temp’  so if you know anyone please let me know." [SIC]

 The singer posted a picture of The Scarlet Letter with her plea.