Stacey Solomon's powerful response to magazine that called her 'desperate' and 'cheap' 4 years ago

Stacey Solomon's powerful response to magazine that called her 'desperate' and 'cheap'

Stacey Solomon has criticised a "dangerous" magazine article that said her body positive posts were "desperate."

Now magazine's latest issue featured Stacey on the cover with quotes from Instagram followers calling the presenter "desperate," "boring," and "cheap."


The cover also asked why Stacey's fans were "sick of her," referencing her Instagram posts about body positivity.

Stacey has since responded to the publication, both online and on TV, saying that that kind of rhetoric was "dangerous" and "sinister."

Writing in her column for The Sun, she said:

"There is no denying, despite what some people may believe about people in the public eye, I am a human being. I know, who’d have thought it, eh? I’m not a robot.

"Sometimes it is impossible not to let the horrible stuff in. I can’t bat it away all of the time."


The mum-of-two wrote that she was being criticised for sharing un-airbrushed photos of her body on social media.

She said that the magazine only issued an apology once ITV agreed to let her speak about the article on air.

The apology read:

“As a publication, we simply aim to inspire debate amongst our readers about their favourite celebrities and TV stars, including Stacey.

“We do not encourage or condone bullying in any form. We apologise to Stacey for any distress our story may have caused.”


Stacey, however, did not accept the apology, saying that the entire article wasn't about Instagram comments and that some editorialisation was present.

She also said that it wasn't her that the publication should be apologising to, but to "all of the people affected by this."

"All of the people who feel they aren’t good enough," she said.

"All of the people who are being conditioned by the 'normalising' of this. 

"All of the women who’ve been splashed on your cover next to vile, disgusting words in an attempt to make money, while dragging them into the ground."


The Loose Women panelist finished her column by saying that she was lucky to experience so many supportive comments.

Stacey has been praised heavily in the past for her attention to body positivity online.