Staff working at Kensington Palace have a VERY harsh nickname for Meghan Markle 3 years ago

Staff working at Kensington Palace have a VERY harsh nickname for Meghan Markle

Apparently, staff working at Kensington Palace have a nickname for Meghan Markle.

As we know, Meghan's official title is the Duchess of Sussex but apparently, she has now been branded 'Duchess difficult' by those working closely with her.



Yes apparently, the 37-year-old is called this because some Kensington Palace staff are finding Meghan difficult to work with.

What's been happening?

According to The Daily Express, palace staff are "losing patience" with the requests coming from the Duchess including asking for air freshener to be sprayed in St George's Chapel before the wedding as she thought there was a musty smell.

There have also been reports of a feud between Meghan and Kate Middleton after Meghan reportedly criticised a staff member who works with Kate.

Kensington Palace

A spokesperson for the Palace has denied that this "ever happened" but this hasn't stopped the royal rumour mill from going into overdrive.


In recent days, Meghan's second personal assistant is believed to have left her job.

Samantha Cohen, the private secretary to the royal pair is set to step down in spring after refusing to take on the position permanently.

Further departures

This news follows on from the departure of Meghan's personal assistant, Melissa Touabti, who quit her job down six months after the royal wedding.

This isn't the first time reports have emerged suggesting that royal staff have encountered problems working with the Duchess of Sussex.


Kensington Palace

The Mail on Sunday reports that the palace staff have never experienced such a "formidable work ethic" and it is not uncommon for the 37-year-old to send six or seven texts a day with ideas and requests of how she can shape and define her role as Duchess.

This way of doing things is at odds with the more formal attitude of some of the palace staff and of course, you can see why people might be finding it difficult to adjust.