The Forgotten Faces Of You're A Star 6 years ago

The Forgotten Faces Of You're A Star

You're A Star was the pinnacle of Celtic Tiger television. 

It ran for six series, but frankly it should've ran for sixty.


Some of the best singers in the world appeared on the appropriately abbreviated 'YAS', battling it out to be win the highly coveted title of Ireland's best singer.

Let's see how some of the stars are getting since they departed the show.

Mickey Joe Harte


Mickeys Mouse

After winning the competition in 2003 and getting to represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest, Mickey finished in a disappointing eleventh place. He was then refused entry back into Ireland on accounting of disgracing our nation and still remains in Riga to this day. He's still playing music to his pet mouse, or Mickey's mouse, if you will.


Chris Doran


Portrait of attractive male vip celebrity posing in front of photographers paparazzi

The bad boy of Waterford won You're A Star the year after Mickey and hasn't quite gotten used to the dizzying heights of Irish fame. Chris represented Ireland at Eurovision, finishing an impressive 23rd out of 24, which instantly shot him to superstardom. Still considered the hero of Waterford, Chris just wants to live a normal life.




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Still a household name, the formation of Six provided us with the single greatest moment in Irish television history, thanks to Nadine 'what date of birth did I give you?' Coyle. Nadine is still kicking herself that she couldn't polish her fake birthday with the same finesse as an underage teen going to a disco, having had little success since. Six went on to achieve worldwide adoration, under their new name 'Beyoncé'.

Donna and Joseph McCaul

Beautiful brother and sister sit down together and share a delicious frozen yogurt at a restaurant

Exceptionally close siblings Donna and Joseph represented Ireland in 2004 at Eurovision, but only reached the semi-finals. Luckily, that was all they needed to secure their dreams of becoming the most successful frozen yoghurt salespeople the country has ever seen, earning them the deserving title of Donna and Joseph McCool.


21 Demands

CHELMSFORD, ENGLAND - AUGUST 16: (L-R) Steve Garrigan, Jason Boland, Vinny May and Mark Prendergast of Kodaline pose of photographs on Sony's Xperia Access acoustic stage in the Virgin Media Louder Lounge. Unseen footage of Kodalines performance can be viewed at at Hylands Park on August 16, 2014 in Chelmsford, England. (Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images for Sony Music)

Disappointingly, 21 Demands seem to have fallen completely off the radar since they were runners-up in 2007. The four lads from Swords changed their name to Kodaline shortly after the show but failed to receive any real success or notoriety since then. Unlucky boys.