An open letter to Caitlyn Jenner reveals the trans community are "furious" at her behaviour 6 years ago

An open letter to Caitlyn Jenner reveals the trans community are "furious" at her behaviour

American psychotherapist, Laura A. Jacobs is outspoken about her views on Caitlyn Jenner.

Since transitioning from Bruce to Caitlyn last year, Jenner has received much criticism for her support of Ted Cruz and her reality TV show that trivializes trans issues.


Jacobs, also a transwoman, has has enough of Jenner and in a passionate letter penned for The Huffington Post Blog, Jacobs requests that Jenner move away from the limelight.

She writes:

“Dear Caitlyn,

Much as I’m reluctant to further any infighting within the transgender and gender nonconforming community, I also have a responsibility to speak truth to power. Your visibility has gone from mildly annoying, to problematic, to atrocious, to outright detrimental, and so I ask you, politely:

Stop trying to help through the media and public appearances. Please. Stop.”

Jacobs talks about accepting Jenner in the beginning, despite feeling uncomfortable with the media attention and the fumbling.


“Caitlyn, our trans sister, we were openhearted when you came out. We embraced you, offering support and resources. We respected what you were feeling; so many of us have suffered our own similar dysphoria and torment.

Our community watched nervously as you sat with Diane Sawyer and we recognized it was merely an initial place of naiveté. We forgave the melodrama and the missteps. Again, we were all at the beginning once.”

Jacobs continues to discuss the disappointment and failures of Jenner’s reality TV show, I Am Cait.

“We witnessed a continuation of the Kardashian circus: a party bus stocked with handlers, stylists, producers, coaches and crew while you paraded as a Barbie more obsessed with footwear than inequity, all the while surrounded by endless sensationalism, overt product placements, contrived warmth and the enormous privilege you carry every moment. You expected us to rally behind you, but your producers fundamentally misunderstood the trans community you purport to represent:

Trans people are not Kardashian wannabes. That is not a lifestyle we aspire to; that is a lifestyle that has kept us oppressed.” 

Jacobs continues to say that now the trans community are “saddened and furious” and that despite the best efforts by the advisors and mentors on the show, it appears Jenner hasn’t grown or changed much.


“Season Two thus far demonstrates that your mindset remains rooted in in the same shallow perspectives and that you are resistant, perhaps even incapable, of change,” says Jacobs.

The letter continues to criticize Jenner’s support of Ted Cruz, a politician and party “that espouse discrimination and violence.” According to Jacobs, Jenner’s continued support of Cruz has “scorned” the majority of the trans community.

In conclusion, Jacob calls for Jenner to be more aware of her role and position.

“You have become a pawn to be used against your own,” she warns.


Read the letter in full HERE.