Vogue Williams recalls being "punched" at concert 8 months ago

Vogue Williams recalls being "punched" at concert

"I've gotten punched a couple of times, mainly deserved, not that one."

Vogue Williams has opened up about being punched while attending a concert in Dublin.


Chatting to Joanne McNally on their podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me, the model and DJ recalled the incident, which she said occurred at a Deadmau5 gig.

Vogue said: "Yeah, I got punched at that. Two guys starting fighting, and of course, I'd had 9,000 drinks and was like, 'No, guys no'. And I got decked."

She added: "I've gotten punched a couple of times, mainly deserved, not that one."

Vogue was recently in the headlines after announcing that she is expecting a baby with her partner, Spencer Matthews.


The couple are already parents to Theo, who is three-years-old and baby Gigi, who is one. Last month, Vogue confirmed that baby number three is due in April 2022.

As for baby names, the couple already have a few in the mix, with Vogue feeling particularly inspired by the TV show Sex Education.

During her appearance on Ask Me Anything, the Fade Street star told host Angela Scanlon that, for a girl, she loves the name Romy. If she has a boy, she likes the names Otis and Jasper.


However, Spencer has other ideas. Vogue revealed that "hates" the name Romy, while she vetoed his suggestion - Rocco - because she used to have a dog by that name.

On the same show, Vogue shared how she felt about "deep fake" porn sites using her images.

She told Angela that it was "weird" and worrying to discover the images, and that she fears her children might see them some day.


Vogue said: "Deep fake porn is a thing. It actually happened a few years ago, I saw my face plastered on all these porn images and I was like: "Jesus, I don't remember that.'"

"About three weeks ago, or something, it came up again and they've updated the picture and I mean, if I thought I was having a good time before, I’m having a really good time in these ones."

She added: "It’s kind of weird but do you know what the weirdest thing is? That you can’t get them down. Like, they’re just up, anyone is allowed to put them up, and they are starting to look more realistic."