5 reasons you should be watching Jane The Virgin 4 years ago

5 reasons you should be watching Jane The Virgin

Are you watching Jane The Virgin yet?

If not, you definitely should be - or at least it should be at the top of your must-watch list.


The show follows Jane Gloriana Villanueva, a 23-year-old virgin who accidentally gets artificially inseminated during a routine check up.

Yes, you read that right - but you'll fall in love with it from the first watch.

The show is currently  up-to-date on Netflix, meaning there's no better time to catch up - especially after the latest season finale.


So here's five reasons you should be watching Jane The Virgin...

The mother-daughter relationships

Jane, her mum Xiomara and her grandmother Alba all live together in the same small home in Miami as they struggle to balance their lives.


And despite all the disagreements and drama (like the time Xo performed Kelis’ Milkshake to spare Jane a broken heart), they always make sure they’re there for each other - no matter what.

We’re not too surprised that the show hits the nail on the head when it comes to mother-daughter relationships, though - the creator of the show also produced Gilmore Girls. 

The drama, drama - and more drama.


Jane the Virgin has had no shortage of drama over its four seasons.

Affairs, murders, double identities, family secrets and drug rings - there’s barely an episode without a big plot twist.

And like every good telenovela, the cliffhangers will definitely reel you in.

The love triangle


Okay, so this could tecccchnically fall into the drama category, since there's been no shortage of it.

But things between Jane, her fiancé Michael and Rafael, the father of her unborn child (and who happens to be her boss), have been so intense that we felt there was too much to include.

And while love triangles can be notoriously hard to pull off, Jane the Virgin manages to do so pretty flawlessly - it's really hard not to get invested.

Rogelio de la Vega

Rogelio's connection to the Villanueva women is revealed relatively early on in the series.

And the telenovela star, who Jane has had a crush on practically her whole life, becomes such an integral (and kind of eccentric) part of the series that it would be impossible to imagine Jane The Virgin without him.

Especially when it comes to his comedic timing and one-liner quips.

The acting

In particular, Gina Rodriguez has been earning plenty of praise for her role as Jane Villanueva since the moment the series began.

After just nine episodes of the series had aired, the actress managed to snag a Golden Globe win for the role.

The 33-year-old manages to make Jane relatable, while still keeping the heavy drama that the show has feeling more light and almost effortless.

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