6 things that happen during every episode of Made In Chelsea 6 years ago

6 things that happen during every episode of Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea, is one right?

Everyone has a guilty pleasure in life. Some turn to wine, some cigarettes, others murder. Me? I can't get enough of Made In Chelsea. There's something about vicariously living through the lives of very wealthy and attractive people that makes the show a winning format.


Having stuck with MIC for 12 series, I've come to find that every episode is pretty much the exact same. Having cracked this piece of information, I will still continue to watch it like the mindless consumer of garbage TV that I've become.

Here's 6 things that happen on every episode of Made In Chelsea.

1. Binky's disinterested dog will make an appearance



Our Binks will be lounging around her set designed house as the little scene stealing pupper looks on. She'll turn to the him for advice in her hour of need, but he will provide her with little other than a disinterested glance in the opposite direction. "Stop exploiting me for the benefit of your acting career", he'll say. Who's a good (and unpaid) doggy? You are.


2. Ollie will lose his temper in a very dramatic fashion



Life wasn't worth living when Ollie wasn't on MIC, so when he returned, it was back to the good old days of heated words, followed by stunned silences. Someone will commit a wrong against Ollie or one of his nearest and dearest, resulting in him heatedly confronting the wrongdoer and possibly even slamming a door or dumping a drink on an unsuspecting coffee table nearby. Minutes later, he'll be apologising for his outburst.


3. Rosie will enjoy hearing about drama, although she is not actually involved in said drama



For some reason, Rosie and her twitching eye are always at the centre of drama, even though she has nothing to do with it whatsoever. She'll offer her usual self-serving advice and ensure that all parties involved are fully aware of the hurtful things that have been said about them, all while never revealing a single thing about herself or her personal life. Who are you, Rosie? What do you do? Give us something, please.


4. Jamie can't hold his piss for love nor money



Literally every episode of MIC involves Jamie landing someone in a giant steaming pile of bother. The likes of Alex will confide in him, but our J instantly gets over excited and tells the entire world. When the source of the gossip catches wind, they confront Jamie who always has a weak excuse along the lines of "I didn't know it was a secret", and gets away with it because of his cheeky little smile, the big divil.


5. Mark-Francis and Victoria say something classist and nobody bats an eyelid


The poshest people ever to grace the planet, Mark-Francis and Victoria will get an unnecessary amount of screen time to air their grievances with a world that doesn't sufficiently cater to their elite needs. They'll joke about how they haven't been to a supermarket in their lives, and believe that public transport is for poor people. So funny and relevant, LOL.


6. Sam and Tiff will break up for ten minutes


Some meaningless kiss from 13 years ago will rock the seemingly unrockable relationship of the century, as Siff descend into irreparable turmoil for ten minutes. Several nosy onlookers will get involved, with the likes of Rosie and Louise throwing in their two cents, eventually culminating in a grand romantic gesture on Sam's part (regardless of whether he was in the wrong or not) and they will reunite, vowing to never separate again. Until the teaser for next week's episode shows another infidelity is en route. Shocker.



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