Andrea Bocelli among guests for this week's Late Late Show 2 years ago

Andrea Bocelli among guests for this week's Late Late Show


Actual Andrea Bocelli is going to be on the Late Late Show tomorrow night - and yes, you did read that correctly.


The iconic opera singer and tenor will be joining Ryan on Friday night's show to no doubt sing a few songs, chat about his Covid scare, and discuss what's next for live music in this pandemic stricken world.

Bocelli made headlines over Easter when he famously played to an empty cathedral in Milan.

The singer performed his 'Music For Hope' event without an audience at the Duomo, to bring people together through music during a time when they couldn't be together otherwise.

Andrea Bocelli


"This won't be a concert and it won't be a performance," he said at the time.

"It will be a prayer and as a consequence it will not be important who is present physically but rather who wants to be with me spiritually in that moment."

Tubridy revealed the news on RTÉ Radio One today, stating that actor Gabriel Byrne and talk show host Conan O'Brien will also be joining him for this week's show.

"I won't be here tomorrow because I am spinning 500 plates for the Late Late Show and I have to film my derrière off," he said. "We've got a great Late Late Show for you tomorrow."


More guests are set to be announced later today.