Apparently, Andy Whyment's being eyed up for a record deal after I'm A Celeb stint 3 years ago

Apparently, Andy Whyment's being eyed up for a record deal after I'm A Celeb stint

Stranger things have happened.

Andy Whyment's a sound lad.


He's played the iconic Kirk on Coronation Street for years. He was on Soapstar Superstar. He was, as we all know, on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. 

And even though he didn't win, he did very well, so fair play to him.

He did so well, in fact, that apparently big music execs are eyeing him up for a record deal.

Seemingly, they didn't get what they were after with The X Factor: Celebrity, so yeah, may as well look elsewhere.


According to The Star, "Andy's already a big star, and the jungle has made him even bigger."

"Don't be surprised if he gets snapped up quickly. There's a rich history of soap stars making it big in the charts."



If all of this seems a bit baffling (don't worry, it is), cast your mind back to earlier during the series when Andy exhibited some of his musical-based skills during a round of Karaoke.

Belting out a rendition of Kings of Leons' 'Sex on Fire', the actor put the rest of the campmates to shame.

... And apparently, garnered some attention from some well-known music-heads too.


Apparently. We cannot stress that enough.

This isn't the first time that Andy has had a bit of a sing-song on a reality TV show though.

Back in 2006, he appeared on the aforementioned Soapstar Superstar where he narrowly missed out on the crown to fellow Corrie actor Richard Fleeshman.

He was also reportedly seen at an X Factor audition back in 2010.

Anything's possible.