Is anyone else buzzing for the Mattress Mick documentary? 3 years ago

Is anyone else buzzing for the Mattress Mick documentary?

If you know Dublin, you'll know Mattress Mick.

The colourful sales personality has become a bit of a mascot in the capital, but ever wondered about the man behind it all?


Mick Flynn's mattress business was dealt a severe blow when the recession hit at the end of the noughties.

He met Paul Kelly by chance around that time in a pub in Clontarf. They swapped stories. Paul had also fallen on hard times, having been made redundant twice in three years.

The lads joined forces and Mick Flynn became Mattress Mick, with Paul, in the role of social media guru, driving the brand online. Mick, already well-known around Dublin, flourished online and it wasn't long before he was a household name.

Filmmaker Colm Quinn spent three years filming with Mick and Paul, following the ups and downs within the business.

The story became about more as tensions develop between the two and Paul opens up about trying to provide for his struggling family.


The resulting documentary is Mattress Men. It premiered at the Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto last year and is making its TV debut tonight.

Here's a taste of what we can expect.

Mattress Men is on RTÉ One at 10.15 tonight.



Main image via Mattress Mick/ Facebook.