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The Black Mirror season four trailer is here and it looks super freaky
The hit series returns to Netflix December 29.

We are BUZZING for this return.

After months of waiting and plenty of teasers, we now finally have the official trailer for the highly anticipated season four of Black Mirror.

As Charlie Brooker’s hit series returns to Netflix December 29, we are watching this trailer on REPEAT as we prepare for the next season.

The trailer which was released this afternoon already has people in a tizzy, both excited and pepped for the long awaited return.


After three short series of high intensity episodes which kept us gripped to our seats looking for more, we cannot wait until December 29, to see the arrival of this new series "rumoured" to be better than the rest.

Well with that news, all we can say is bring it on!

Our Christmas special of #GirlsWithGoals is here! 

Listen to the brand new episode NOW in the link below. 

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