Bláthnaid Treacy: "Quite often women in media are pitted against each other" 1 month ago

Bláthnaid Treacy: "Quite often women in media are pitted against each other"

"It's worse between women than it is between men in terms of the competition."

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TV presenter Bláthnaid Treacy took some time out of her busy schedule to give us a first look at her makeup routine while talking about he career in media in Ireland, which spans over 20 years!

You will recognise Bláthnaid most recently from Dancing With The Stars spinoff show Can't Stop Dancing, but it was long before this that her face graced our tv screens. "I started in 1988 as the child of Biddy and Milly in Glenroe," she says.

After spending a few years acting as a child the show ended in 2001. Looking back, she says it ended at the perfect time for her as she had just started in secondary school.

"You know when you're a teenager and you're starting school and you don't want to stand out in any way?"

After college she wanted to get back into television as a presenter. "It was a travel show on TG4 and it was great because they wanted two girls who were going to go travelling all over Eastern Europe couch surfing," she says.

"I got it which was amazing because I initially auditioned for the camera operator role."

Since working in television she has noticed that the media is a little different for women.

"When I first got my presenting gig in RTE there was some things that I noticed in terms of being a woman in media, the crews were all mainly men," she says. "It is a very male dominated industry"

"Whoever we were having the meeting with, usually if it was a guy they would direct all the questions to Stephen [Byrne]. I did find that kind of funny.

"It is a really interesting industry to work in but I think that quite often women are pitted against each other. I have absolutely seen that it's worse between women than it is between men, in terms of the competition.

"If there's a new show being made, it's generally all eyes on the girls. There is definitely moments of women being pitted against each other, being compared."

Bláthnaid's advice to anyone looking to get into the industry is to make sure "it's something you're really really really passionate about.

"It's also good to remember that if you want to work in media you need to have more strings to your bow," she says.

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