Call the Midwife's Irish star reassures fans about character's fate 1 year ago

Call the Midwife's Irish star reassures fans about character's fate

We're relieved to hear this.

After the recent news that the BBC will be renewing Call The Midwife for three more seasons fans of course wanted to make sure their favourite characters would be sticking around.


None more than the character of trainee midwife Nancy Corrigan played by Irish actor Megan Cusack.

Fans were worried that Nancy would not be returning in the next season, but Cusack quickly reassured them this week.

During her interview on the Ryan Tubridy Show, one Call The Midwife fan messaged in to ask if we would be seeing any more of Nancy after last Sunday's bombshell episode.


Cusack quickly squashed any fears that one of our favourite characters was leaving by answering that: "Nancy will be returning."


Call The Midwife returned last month on April 18 and it has been a rollercoaster of emotions from start to almost finish.


The season finale is on BBC One this Sunday. The show has become one of the BBC's most popular programmes since it started eleven seasons ago but Cusack said she tries not to think about how loved the show is.

Cusack remarked that knowing Call The Midwife pulls in millions of viewers each episode is "a bit nerve-wracking" and she tries to put it in the back of her mind while she acting.

We're absolutely delighted to hear that we haven't seen the last of Nancy and we can not wait to see what the Call The Midwife finale has in store for us this Sunday.