Viewers furious after Call the Midwife finale is postponed 3 months ago

Viewers furious after Call the Midwife finale is postponed

Sunday won't be the same without Call the Midwife.

Call the Midwife fans are feeling pretty gutted after the series finale was postponed this weekend.


The beloved BBC drama won't air tonight, February 19th because of the BAFTAs.

Fans expressed their disappointment on Twitter with many agreeing that Sunday just isn't the same without an episode of Call the Midwife to tune into.

One wrote, "I am heartbroken as I will be out of the country for the finale and will have to wait until the following weekend to watch it."

Another said, "So frustrating! I want to know what happens to sister Monica Joan."


One added, Totally out of order! Put the BAFTA on BBC 2."

Another said, "Sunday just isn't the same without the ladies of Poplar."

But the series finale will certainly be worth the wait.

Fans of the show have been longing to see Nurse Trixie's wedding to the charming Matthew Aylward and we'll finally see the pair tie the knot in next week's episode.


Viewers will be thrilled to see Trixie get her happy ending in the finale, but there are some characters they're worried about.

In the most recent episode, Sister Monica Joan was diagnosed with hepatitis C, which left fans worrying about her future.


Not only are fans worried about Sister Monica Joan, but they're also heartbroken over Cyril and Lucille's marriage. Is Cyril going to leave Poplar to be with Lucille? Will the beloved nurse ever return to Poplar? Will she be there to see Trixie get married?

I guess we'll just have to wait until next weekend to find out.

The series finale of Call the Midwife airs on BBC 1 on February 26th.

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