Can Teddy and Mary also become a couple, please? 1 year ago

Can Teddy and Mary also become a couple, please?

Lads, it needs to happen.

While we're clearly on the topic of predicting Love Island romances before they even happen, why not jump on the Teddy and Mary bandwagon, right?


We've already done the rundown on why Dale and Abi would be perfect together and fans are latching onto the idea of Teddy moving on with Mary.

While Teddy is still head over heels for Faye and it's looking like she's ready to work on things with him, if all else fails, Mary wouldn't be too bad of a shoulder to cry on.

While the two were heading for their dates with new islanders Priya and Aaron, we couldn't help but want the two of them to be heading on a date together.


We only wanted them to get together even more after seeing the pair of them waiting on Chloe and Matthew to be done with their dates, sitting by the fire pit both with huge smiles on their faces.

It was like they were just happy to be in each others company, even if they were talking about their attraction to other people.

And we're not the only ones who noticed this, viewers have been going on about it on social media since the pair were asked on the dates.

One fan said: "Ok hear me out... Mary & Teddy look really good together."



Another said: "guys but now I actually want MARY & TEDDY to be together like!!"

A third wrote: "Mary & Teddy need to kiss right now."

A fourth commented: "catching up on tonight’s love island.. i reaaaaaaally could see mary & teddy being the sweetest couple?"

Look, we can't argue with this one, they could really be the cutest couple to come from this show.