The Cats trailer is here and it is genuinely nightmarish 1 year ago

The Cats trailer is here and it is genuinely nightmarish

What in the world have they done to Judi Dench?

Last night, all of your worst fears came true.

The terror that threatened to plague you for years. The haunted scenes you wished you would never come face to face with.

The monster hiding beneath your bed that emerges twice nightly to use the litter box because none of the windows in the bedroom are open.

They're all real, they're all terrifying, and they're all present in the first and vastly horrifying trailer for the Cats movie.

Starring Judi Dench, James Cordon, Idris Elba, Rebel Wilson, Jason Derulo (?), and Taylor Swift, the movie is entirely based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stunning theatre production of the same name.

... And is entirely going t0 be what every single person on Twitter is talking about for the whole weekend.

The trailer dropped last night, much to the delight of everybody who needed something other than Love Island to fill their social media feeds.

And oh, did it fill them.

There were memes, there were shocks, there were questions as to how in the name of God Jason Derulo ended up in this film.

The Cats trailer has got everything one could possibly want from a preview that's supposed to be lovely and elegant but ends up scaring half the world to death.

Or at least making them wonder why in the world something like this ever seemed like a good idea.

You can watch the Cats trailer below... if you can bear it.