Channel 4's Naked Attraction is getting a spin off show 4 months ago

Channel 4's Naked Attraction is getting a spin off show

This should be interesting.

Channel 4's Naked Attraction is definitely one of those shows that is so strange you can't help but binge every episode.


And our addiction to this weird and wonderful dating show is about to get a whole lot better as Channel 4 might be giving the series its own spin off.

With the name set to be Naked Attraction Hotel, the concept is the exact same as one by one each singleton comes in and gawks at the nakedness that stands before them before they strip down to the nip themselves.

Eventually picking a partner to head off on a date with, the biggest difference in the spin off will be that they're not in a studio at all, but a hotel instead.

This could mean big things for the show as the dates will all take place in the one setting, and there will be a lot of rooms to head back to after getting to know each other a little bit better, and of course another chance to see exactly what they chose if you know what we mean.

A source from the show told The Sun: "The observation producers made was that contestants on the show often ended up wishing they had gone with one of the other choices.


"But in most cases it was too late to get together with them because they had left the process.

"So the idea behind having a hotel is that, after the selection process, all the participants remain in one location and can have dates with multiple people."

And if it gets the green light by Channel 4, we hope that it'll be as big a success as First Dates Hotel, but just a little more, shall we say, intensity.