The Chase fans furious after blind contestant asked visual based question 1 month ago

The Chase fans furious after blind contestant asked visual based question

"Very unfair questions."

Viewers of the hugely popular daytime quiz TV show The Chase are calling it "unfair" after a blind contestant was asked a visual-based question.


Rob, who is blind, appeared on the show with his guide dog.

As it was his turn to take to the podium and battle Paul Sinha - or, The Sinnerman - Rob was asked "How many numbers usually appear in a standard UK barcode?"

Admitting that he had "no idea" what the answer was, Rob was caught by the chaser, who guessed the correct answer, 13.

Some viewers took to Twitter to call out the show for what they felt was a very unfair question.

One fan wrote: "#thechase should be ashamed asking a blind dude a question which is based on visual knowledge".

Another said: "That #thechase question was no better than asking the blind contestant 'what colour of shirt am I wearing?'"


A third tweeted: "#TheChase at it AGAIN with very unfair questions asking a player who's blind "How many numbers are there in a UK barcode?"

Another recalled the last time a blind contestant was on the show.

They said: "Last time I saw a blind contestant on here, they got a question about snooker, something like what is higher, brown, blue or pink. Unfair yeah."

The Chase sees contestants battle it out individually before coming together to face the chaser in the final round.


Earlier this week, the show's resident Irishman responded to trolls who suggested that he loses on purpose.

Darragh Ennis - who is nicknamed The Menace or The Dublin Dynamo on the show - took to Twitter to say: "For those of you accusing me of losing that game on purpose on #TheChase today a few things.

"1. That would be fraud 2. You are committing libel 3. You are doing a disservice to a good team who smashed it in the pushbacks 4. I will block people in the future."