Chris Evans gave his dog a haircut and it didn't go well at all 2 years ago

Chris Evans gave his dog a haircut and it didn't go well at all

"It went so wrong, so fast"

We're all in a bit of a bind when it comes to haircuts. In the grand scheme of things and in order to keep ourselves and others healthy we're all staying home and (rightly so) ignoring our growing locks.


Whatever about our own hair, it seems to be proving difficult to keep our hands (and shears) away from the ones we love the most. See below our 7 stages of emotional distress that occur while cutting your partner's hair.


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It’s an emotional rollercoaster, as @niamh_maher found out ✂️? Tag us with your home haircuts

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It's safe to say it's not a good idea to cut your partner's hair, but what about your dog? Hollywood star Chris Evans did just that with some not so stellar results:


The adorable pup in question is called Dodger (insert dodging the bullet joke here) and the Avengers star rescued the mixed-breed boxer back in 2017.

Let it be known that dog grooming is no joke and dogs can develop painful matting and skin problems if they're not regularly groomed. Veterinary services are considered essential during the lockdown so if you're concerned about your pooch give your local vet a call and they can advise on the best care.


In some better news, Chris Evans has recently joined Instagram posting his first video just four days ago and racking up 2.8 million followers in that time.

He's taking part in the 'All In Challenge' which helps provide food to people in need during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a prize for donating he is offering a virtual hangout with himself and "five of his closest friends" who just happen to be the other Avengers. Check out his page with more information here.