Classic Movie Of The Week… Pulp Fiction 8 years ago

Classic Movie Of The Week… Pulp Fiction

Every week, we in towers will provide you with a blast from the past, a film that you cannot live without but nor should you, the classic film that you simply need to watch.

This week, considering it is his birthday today, we thought we would have to discuss the best of the Quentin Tarantino films, Pulp Fiction.


After his major success with the brilliant Reservoir Dogs, there was certainly a lot of pressure on Tarantino for his next project. Realistically, we really didn't need to be worried about everything.

Revolving mainly around the mysterious Marsellus Wallace, the film mainly follows two hitman, Vincent Vegga and Jules Winnfield and the various random situations they manage to find themselves in.

As usual, the main draw with Pulp Fiction is the brilliant script and of course, the cast. The film basically resurrected the career of one John Travolta and catapulted Uma Thurman into a massive spotlight.

Absolutely everything about this film has become iconic, the music, the intro, that dance. Mostly everything about Pulp Fiction is just incredibly perfect.


Let's re-live it. Happy Birthday Quentin.