Coronation Street bids goodbye to the iconic Norris Cole in legit heartbreaking scenes 4 months ago

Coronation Street bids goodbye to the iconic Norris Cole in legit heartbreaking scenes


Norris Cole is a cultural icon.

He's a busy body you wouldn't mind knowing your business. He's got a stellar bank of one-liners he can drop at any point. He knows more about the trials and tribulations of Weatherfield's locals than anybody else on the street.

He's a good lad to have around for both comedic effect and gossip purposes. And he's, unfortunately, leaving again very soon.

Norris returned to the cobbles recently after actor Malcolm Hebden took a break from the soap after suffering a heart attack.

And although everybody was only delighted to have Norris back in their lives, the enthralment was never going to last because Hebden's return was but a cameo and we're about to lose him again.

Next week's scenes will see Norris be thrown a going away party that he tries desperately not to attend.

Eventually, he's coaxed into showing up the Rovers and spending a bit of time with Rita, Mary, and all the rest of his mates.

In scenes that will be sure to bring a tear to even the most ice-cold of eyes, Norris will reminisce about his time living on the street, the friends he has made, and the gossip he has spread.

Emotional scenes.

Late last year, Coronation Street boss Iain MacLeod revealed that Norris would be back "in a little sort of cameo return."

Adding that there was the hope to "have him back permanently in the future," MacLeod told Digital Spy

"He's on that list of Emily Bishops of characters who are so Corrie that the show doesn't feel correct without them in there. Soap characters come and go – but I am reading bits in the scripts where I know Norris would have something to say.

"His return story is pleasantly silly and revisits his relationship with Mary in a meaningful way. I hope Malcolm likes it, he's not read the script yet."

We're sure he did, Iain.

We're sure he did.