Coronation Street confirms one character is set to be killed in Winter Wonderland horror this Christmas 8 months ago

Coronation Street confirms one character is set to be killed in Winter Wonderland horror this Christmas

Christmas is meant to be a time of celebration, family and good will - unless you're a character in soapland.

Then the holiday season is actually full of breakups, drama and death.

And with weeks to go until the big day, Coronation Street have confirmed that the holiday celebrations in Weatherfield are going to be taking a sinister turn this year.

According to official spoilers from ITV, Winter Wonderland festive playground is set to pop up in the cobbles, sparking plenty of excitement amongst the residents.

However, it turns out to be grim enough - and people are less than impressed.

Michael Bailey steps up and vows to give his family, as well as the rest of the neighbours, a snowy and fun-filled experience - with plenty of stalls and other attractions.

Derek Milligan's got more on his mind, though.

He believes that Gary Windass has ruined his life - and is determined to make him pay. And when Fiz accidentally leaves an antique rifle in Gary's furniture shop, Derek heads to the Rovers with a mission: to hunt down Gary Windass.

After a seasonal showdown at the pub, Derek chases Gary onto the cobbles and the pair end up coming to blows on the Helter Skelter - and as the fists and bullets start flying, there are fatal consequences for one of the residents.

Elsewhere in the cobbles, Shona Platt has a mission of her own: to make her new husband David's birthday really special. She arranges her treasure hunt with herself as the prize, but with the clues leading David and the rest of his family to Winter Wonderland, they soon find themselves in the middle of the drama.

The factor rebuild is also finally finished, with the workforce in a celebrating mood. But Sarah and Nick aren't feeling too festive when they find out the identity of their new landlord...

Rita finds herself himself home alone for the holidays and, with everyone believer her to be gone away for the festive season, a freak accident leaves her vulnerable and in danger.

And as the end of 2019 draws near, Michelle Connor books a one way ticket - determined to head far away from Weatherfield. But not before discovering she has unwittingly sold the Bistro to her arch enemy Ray Crosby.

You can check out the trailer for Coronation Street's Christmas episodes below.