Coronation Street's Nick Tilsley set to be caught out VERY soon - by one of his family members 5 months ago

Coronation Street's Nick Tilsley set to be caught out VERY soon - by one of his family members

Coronation Street's Ben Price has revealed that his character, Nick Tilsley, will be caught out very soon - and by one of his family members.


The factory owner has gone to the dark side this year, as viewers found out this week that he was the one who had stolen the £80,000 from his gran, Audrey - leaving fans wondering if he was the long-promised 'super villain'.

But there's set to be another twist in the storyline next week, as David Platt becomes the first member of the family to discover Nick's guilt.

Ben told Digital Spy how David is going to use the secret against his character "without a shadow of a doubt", adding:

"This is a secret that Nick needs David to keep, and David is going to use that to his full advantage. This is going to be a ticking time bomb for the brothers and the family."

The actor admitted that he thinks Nick sees it more as "borrowing" the £80,000 from Audrey, and that he thinks the businessman "genuinely believes he is going to give it back."

He continued:

"He has got himself into a bit of deep water with his ex-wife, the new relationship with Leanne, the factory, and he always needs a business, so the money is what will sort all of this out. It was a business opportunity for him.

"He always planned to put the blame on Lewis and somehow get it back to Audrey. He also imagined that it wasn’t hers originally, so it is not really hers to lose. She hadn’t expected to get it so it wasn’t her savings, her hard-earned cash. He actually thinks she never had it.

"Nick has a bit more of an edge to him than he did before, as he has been messed around a lot. Carla messed him around, Leanne did, his ex-wife is now trying to ruin him. He is trying to take control."

Nick's secret accomplice, Natalie, is set to turn up on the cobbles next week and try to blackmail him - although, according to Ben, her arrival won't cause too many problems...yet.

He added:

"He is fairly relaxed about [Natalie].

"She is an irritant, but the fact that she is only asking for £2,000 and yet he got her to withdraw £80,000 means that he knows she is not a real threat.

"But the fact that he got someone else involved is obviously a weak link in his plan."

The actor also spoke about how Nick's deception "will divide loyalties and will really test the family" if - and hopefully when - the truth comes out.

He said:

"This is something different to what they have dealt with before.

"Usually their problems come from someone on the outside causing them issues and threatening the family and they all pull together, but this time the issue is within."