Coronation Street's Robert Preston to be 'shot and killed' on Christmas Day 7 months ago

Coronation Street's Robert Preston to be 'shot and killed' on Christmas Day

Christmas is meant to be a time of celebration, family and good will - unless you're a character in soapland.

Then the holiday season is actually full of breakups, drama and death.

And this year looks to be no exception on Coronation Street, with one character reportedly set to die in a dramatic Christmas Day showdown.

According to The SunRobert Preston is going to be shot and killed after Derek Milligan tries to take revenge on Gary Windass.

It has been said that Derek gets drunk after his business relationship with Gary sours and, on Christmas Day, will bring a gun to the Rover's Return.

The ensuing chaos will see Robert, played by Tristan Gemmill. fatally injured. Another Weatherfield resident will also be wounded in the fight.

And while Robert will make it to the hospital, it's been said that he will suffer a heart attack and die off screen.

An insider told the publication:

“Derek gets drunk and starts waving a gun around the pub.

"There’s a tense stand-off then a massive fight between the two men and two people are shot, including Robert, who dies on Christmas Day.

“He makes it to hospital but suffers a heart attack and dies off-screen in a bit of snub to Tristan. It’s left to Michelle to tell everyone he’s dead.”

Tristan announced earlier this year that he would be leaving the soap after four years.