Corrie viewers stunned as Jade Rowan's secret is revealed 10 months ago

Corrie viewers stunned as Jade Rowan's secret is revealed

Coronation Street viewers were left stunned as Jade Rowan's secret was revealed tonight [November 27].

Jade, who worked with Fiz's daughter Hope at a specialist school in Birmingham, moved to the cobbles earlier this year to help continue the young girl's education.

And, basically from the get-go, fans have suspected there was more to her than meets the eye.

In the final moments of Wednesday night's dramatic double bill, it was revealed that Jade is actually the daughter of John Stape, Fiz's former on/off boyfriend and Hope's dad.

The big reveal came after Jade tried to set Fiz up as though she had been abusing her daughter, Hope. However, Evelyn - Tyrone's grandmother - saw right through her.

A tearful Jade said that she had to head out for a little bit, and then she was seen visiting a grave with flowers. She read out a poem, before bursting into tears and then saying: "I love you, dad."

The camera panned out to show that the grave belonged to none other than John Stape.

The revelation makes Jade Hope's older half-sister. It is not clear what else she is planning, besides trying to drive a wedge between Hope and Fiz.

And fans were left stunned by the big reveal - mainly because it was the last thing that anyone seemed to have suspected.