THAT cousin pushed Prince George down a hill and she's our new gal pal 4 years ago

THAT cousin pushed Prince George down a hill and she's our new gal pal

Ah, this girl.

She's a bit of a laugh, right? First she shushed Prince George on the balcony at the Trooping Colours.


Many a meme and gif was made from the magical moment and it certainly pushed Savannah into the spotlight.

George was standing beside William's his cousin - Peter Phillips' eldest daughter and as the music for the British national anthem God Save the Queen began to play, Savannah silenced him by placing her hand over George's mouth... and of course, the photo went  viral:


However, now a video has emerged of Savannah playing with George at the Polo match all the young royals seemed to attend over the weekend.

Or, maybe they weren't playing...


George seemingly takes a seat beside his cousin, only for her to push him down the hill. Savage.

She's definitely our new spirit animal.

The family were on hand to show their support for Prince William in the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy, with baby Louis the only one missing.

The trio attended the Beaufort Polo Club yesterday to cheer on Prince William and they had all the fun.


Getting cuddles from mum, playing on the grass, Charlotte going barefoot and wearing the cutest sunglasses, ADORABLE.