Cristiano comes face to face with Will on tonight's Fair City 7 months ago

Cristiano comes face to face with Will on tonight's Fair City

Cristiano San Martin is to come face-to-face with his attacker, his ex Will Casey, on tonight's Fair City. 

With his brother Jake by his side, Cristiano makes his return to Carrigstown. And while he's anxious from the start about how things will turn out if he and Will should cross paths, he reassures his brother that he's "ok with meeting him."

However, when he's left alone in the apartment that he and Will once shared, it soon becomes clear that Cristiano is still dealing with the trauma of their relationship.

Elsewhere in the episode, Jake asks Mairead why Will has changed has plea to not guilty - and tells her that Cris is "a lot more fragile than he's letting on".

Cris, meanwhile, heads to the Hungry Pig. As he bumps into Phoebe, he sees just what he's going to be dealing with.

"You may have everyone fooled with your nice guy act... He's innocent and we're going to prove it," Phoebe says as she verbally attacks him.

Later on in the episode, Will and Cris come face to face in the Station. Both frozen on the spot, Will tells him he had heard he was back - and a shaken Cristiano reassures Damien, Mairead and Jake that he will be fine.

Determined to face the problem and control the situation, Cristiano goes to Will's apartment asking that they stay out of each others way to make it ok for everybody else.

But Will lands a hurtful blow, telling him: "Us getting together in the first place was the real disaster. It was toxic from the start."

Fair City continues tonight on RTÉ One.